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The ESL industry is the fastest growing industry in the world today. The drive for globalization has made the world a more accessible place. Whether it is for business purposes, academic reasons or just travel and leisure the race is on to learn English.

The demand for ESL instruction by far outweighs the supply of qualified teachers and since 1988 Coventry House International has been committed to delivering quality training programs for those interested in a career teaching English. Coventry House International offers a variety of programs to suit both the international and domestic students as well as those interested in studying in class or online.

 The TESOL training course offers a unique and holistic approach to teaching including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),MultipleIntelligences,HolisticApproaches and many more, combined with a hands-on practicum.

From the novice teacher to the seasoned professional the course is an invaluable, empowering experience.

What makes us unique?

  • Highly qualified trainers with years of experience in TESOL training and ESL teaching which ensures practical lessons and advice.
  • An intensive grammar and phonology program which prepares trainees with a solid foundation on topics that most TESOL courses do not provide.
  • An input on holistic methodology based on Brain-based learning which will enhance your lessons and will help you feel confident in dealing with diverse types of learners.
  • A nurturing environment that promotes optimal learning.
  • Professionalism coupled with our desire to help our trainees reach their maximum potential.

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