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We are tesl Canada Approved

Tesol course with Coventry Canada, Toronto | Tesol jobs, Tesol certificate

For Teachers: Accredited TESOL Certification Courses

  • Online TESOL Courses Recognized by TESL Canada - Provided by Ontesol

  • On-Site TESOL Courses Recognized by TESL Canada

  • Trinity CertTESOL recognized by Trinity College London,UK and TESL Canada.

  • 20-hour Stand-Alone Practicum.

  • Career services and job placement in Canada and worldwide

For Organizations: Curriculum Development and Accreditation

Coventry House International has more than 15 years of experience in the teacher training field. We have developed and delivered a wide range of on-site and online TESOL / TEFL courses, which have earned the highest level of accreditation available in their respective segment. We are looking to expand the following services in Canada and abroad via strategic partnerships:

  • Trinity CertTESOL in select cities/countries (on-site).

  • TESL Canada Standard 1 in select cities/countries (Online, on-site, or combined).

  • Customized online TESOL / TEFL courses

  • Weekend TESOL courses

  • Practicum center

  • Job placement

The ideal candidate needs to:

  • Have access to ESL classrooms and qualified teachers

  • Have an excellent track record as an ESL organization or recruiting firm.

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