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Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age: 21
  • Student at university/college or university/college degree
  • Candidates must have an awareness of spoken language and competence in English, both written and spoken, which enables them to follow the course.
  • No previous teaching experience is required.
  • English Language Proficiency test and scores:

Please be advised that from October 1st, 2015 onwards TESL Canada will accept only IELTS Academic and TOEFL iBT as English Language Proficiency Tests. Below are the revised scores:

English Language Proficiency TestsScore – Program Trainees
IELTS AcademicOverall 7 with a minimum of 7 in each skill area
TOEFL iBTOverall 101with a minimum of 23 in Listening, 24 in Reading, 27 in Speaking and 27 in Writing

TESL Canada requirements:

(1) Students without a university degree are still accepted to the course but they are informed that TESL Canada Professional Certification Level 1 requires an undergraduate degree or completion of the program at a Provisional Normal School. Students without this qualification will not be eligible for TESL Canada Certification.

(2) Non-native speakers of English must also take a placement test before being accepted to the course: It consists of  an interview with the Director of Studies to assess the candidates’ speaking skills, essay writing, grammar, reading and listening comprehension assessment.



    1- Complete the Application Form.
    2- Read and sign the Waiver/Agreement.
    3- Send both forms (1 and 2) by mail or e-mail to CHI.

    Address: 2 Bloor St. West - Suite 700 - M4W 3R1 - Ontario, Canada
    E-mail: info@study-at-coventry.com

    4- The Director of Studies will contact you by e-mail to schedule an appointment either in person or by phone.
    5- You will be notified of your acceptance to the course after the interview.
    6- The course fee must be paid in full three weeks prior to the start date, or as indicated by the office.
    7- A pre-course learning booklet will be sent to you via email. You must complete the tasks in the booklet and submit them on the first day of school.


Coventry House International - 2 Bloor St. West - Suite 700 - M4W 3R1 - Ontario, Canada
Tel: (1) 416 929 0227   Fax: (1) 416 972 5071

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