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“Since graduating from Coventry House International’s intensive TESOL program in June 2006, my life has been a whirlwind of opportunities. I had taught in South Korea for quite awhile before doing the course and I decided that it was time to acquire a solid qualification to my years of experience. After researching several TESOL courses in Toronto, I finally decided on the Coventry House International program. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Especially since there are so many courses out there that claim to offer a lot, but don’t really give you the proper training one needs for this industry. I learnt so much from the very well qualified, informative and professional instructors at Coventry, even though I had already taught for many years. Upon graduating, I had a very difficult time trying to decide on where to teach since I had so many offers from all over the world. Since finishing the course I have taught in Malaysia and currently in Vietnam. One the greatest aspects about the course is that since arriving back overseas I have met many CELTA trained instructors, and although that is a very honourable qualification, I noticed that those instructors hadn’t received the extensive phonology or grammar training that you receive at Coventry House International. Training which has benefited my life as a teacher enormously. If you’re considering a career as a language instructor or want to upgrade your current qualifications, then I strongly recommend Coventry`s TESOL program. It’s certainly one of the most intensive and comprehension courses for English language teaching in Toronto. In addition, the compassionate, friendly and warm instructors will make your experience all the more rewarding.” Steven James Finch - Language instructor, Language Link Vietnam and 2006 Coventry House TESOL graduate.

“My experience with Coventry House International was a positive one, to say the least. At CHI, I very quickly learned that there was a lot more to teaching than I had expected. I was surprised to find out that teaching English could be a medium through which I could experiment with my own creative ideas – and it was lots of fun! My enthusiasm for teaching came as a bit of a surprise to me, since I had always had quite a large phobia of public speaking. I was pleasantly surprised when I first began the 20 hour teaching practicum at CHI that my fear of speaking before a large group disappeared after only a couple of classes, and I’m certain that if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my teachers , it wouldn’t have been so easy for me. Come to think of it, one of the best things about CHI is the great classroom environment – a direct result of Claudia Bertotto’s warmth of character and amazing ability to transform a class of strangers into what feels like a home away from home. I graduated from the TESL course at Coventry House, not only with a TESL certificate, an ESL job in Toronto waiting for me, and a newfound confidence in my ability to teach, but also with friends. Although at the course’s end, my tutors were officially no longer my teachers, they haven’t stopped helping me when I need them – with teaching materials, advice, and constant encouragement. Thanks to all! (I wonder what I’ll do without you now that I got an ESL job in Japan….)” Kathleen O’Hagan – Canada – Standard TESOL

“Hello, this is Dylan. From all the places to choose from for my TESOL training, I am more than happy with choosing Coventry House International. The work was demanding. My advice is to invest in a big schoolbag. But it was a lot of fun, especially with meeting so many new people. I learnt an unbelievable amount not only from Claudia and the other trainers (Jimena and Karri) but also from my fellow classmates. I consider them all as friends now. As well, getting to know the students we taught was just as rewarding as seeing them nod in understanding. After the course I felt I had gained a solid foundation with which to begin my teaching career in China’. Dylan CHU – Vietnam – Standard TESOL

“Just wanted to send you a note of thanks. You all have played an instrumental role in my learning. I enjoyed the course so much and feel my confidence has increased immensely. On a professional level, you hit the mark of excellence. On a personal level, you were a pleasure to work with. All the best and thank you again”. Christina Herbert- Canada- CertTESOL

“After researching with different TESL providers , I decided to enrol in the online TESOL course because I was impressed by the program and the expertise of the trainers at Coventry Group. Now that I am certified to teach ESL, I am about to start my career in Italy”. RubaMaria Simaan - Israel - Ontesol.com

“Throughout the course I never felt alone. A tutor was always there to guide and help me as difficulties arose. There was always an excellent interaction between us. Nowadays, OnTESOL.Com is made available to many English Teachers, regardless of age, gender, race or nationality. Try the OnTESOL.Com course, I’m sure your classes will never be the same!”Micky Nicolini – Argentina – Ontesol.Com

“Thanks for the good feedback on the last assignment. This stuff is definitely a challenge for me...but then, that's why I'm doing the program!” Matt Bixby – USA -Ontesol.Com

‘I would like to say that my tutor was demanding when he corrected my assignments but I now feel so confident in front of a class. Thanks, I learnt a lot”.Hye-Sun – Korea – Standard TESOL

“I had a good impression of the school when I visited it the first time, that’s why I decided to take the TESOL course with you. I am extremely happy to have achieve my aim. Now I am a Trinity CertTESOL graduate and it will open many doors in Japan.” Junko Mita – Japan – Trinity CertTESOL

“Wonderful and challenging material. You are making me work very hard. But I am enjoying it so much “Kiran Chhabra- India- TEYL Distance Learning

“My name is Kirk Kahu. I finished the TESOL training course at Coventry House International in August of 2002. I really enjoyed the course and believe that it gave me the proper tools to be a successful English teacher overseas. I found the course to be very demanding but also rewarding. The five-week crash course gave me insight into methodology, phonetics, and grammar.
However, in my opinion, the most important part of he course was the practical hands on experience. I found that Coventry House International created a safe, non-threatening, positive environment were I could learn to become an excellent English teacher. I am currently moving to Bulgaria to teach English at the American College of Sophia.”
Kirk Kahu – Canada – Standard TESOL

“I would recommend the course to anyone who would like to learn how to teach young learners. The tutors did an excellent job. Thanks to Jay and Claudia for being so professional, supportive and knowledgeable".
Mariana Constanzo Lopez – Spain - TEYL Online

“Lots of ideas- Motivational, enriching material. Learning different techniques to teach kids has helped me tons in my daily lessons”
Yuichiro Kawai – Japan – TEYL Online

"The course exceeded my expectations as it was more comprehensive than I had imagined.  I' m so glad that I've taken the course. I've learned so much, and the TEYL Course made me more conscious of the importance of teaching to young learners. The course is very practical. It also has a brilliant balance of language awareness, methodology, and teaching. I believe that by taking the TEYL, I added excellent balance of skills. I'm so glad and happy to have taken  the course."
Serdar Okur - Turkey

"I have really enjoyed my experience doing this particular TEYL course. One of the major reasons for this has been you two, Claudia and Jimena. Both of you have been great at offering constructive advice on my work, and have shown a great deal of understanding and patience. You have made the course enjoyable with your insights into my work, and your guidance and quick responses to any questions we have submitted. Having said that, the readings have been a wonderful source of information for me. The different types of methods and the detail of the readings on lesson plans in particular. I really have learned a great deal that I have already applied to my daily life as a teacher. I started a new job this week, and I have been very very busy preparing lesson plans and meeting with the director and parents to discuss my approach to teaching and both of these responsibilities were helped enormously by what I have learned. I feel the course has been logically laid out, with a sensible progression from past theories, and early childhood language acquisition to the varieties of methods and approaches to planning of lessons and now onto actual classroom and behavior management. The solid foundation provided in each week has been adding onto at the right pace as well.  The Blackboard site has also been wonderful to use. It is easy and straight forward which is a big help to a computer novice such as myself. Great program! Overall I have enjoyed this course a great deal and am very happy  I decided on learning with Ontesol and Coventry House "
Matt Flower - Canada - Teaching in Taiwan

"I liked studying this course very much. I have learnt lots of thing s that I did not know before and it encouraged me to learn more about teaching English whether to kids or adults.  A ll the materials I have studied were new and interesting and I was looking for ward to  every week to learn more new  topics . I liked working online, even though it was my first time and when I started, I did not know how it would go. It was easy and interesting at the same time.  As for pair work, I liked it  very much and  I learned  a lot from my peers . I t was interesting  to shar e our opinions  while doing the tasks. I would like to thank  my tutors for  their  hard work and for making this course as exciting and interesting as it is. I hope that I can learn more from your experience".
Amal from Ottawa

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the last six weeks, and the course content. Although some aspects of the course were covered during the TESOL course, I feel these have not only helped me remember their importance, but also given me the chance to work with different people and hear their ideas and thoughts.
All the material was interesting to read, particularly the reading during this past week. For me the reading on B rain- B ased L earning  and Multiple Intelligences was the most interesting. I am continually fascinated by the overwhelming research on BBL and its effectiveness in the classroom.
The reading on classroom management was also useful and gave me much needed motivation to utilise some of the strategies mentioned, in an effort to improve some of my current classes. I have already started a reward scheme with my nightmare class, which seems to be working quite well; students are speaking less Korean in class and completing homework more frequently. Although I was aware of, and used such strategies prior to the course, the reading and course content has reminded me just how important and effective they are. This is sometimes easily forgotten when trying to teach a “nightmare” class.
I didn't feel too overwhelmed by any of the material or tasks; coming from the TESOL course I fully understand the words ‘intense' and ‘hard work!! The workload was just about right, and fitted in well to my current schedule.
I felt the tutors constantly motivated us through positive feedback and continual support through the course. Despite the time difference between here and Toronto, I knew that I could reach them easily enough if I had a problem, and it would be solved quickly and effectively. Feedback (especially positive feedback) was particularly important. It is very easy to say, as a teacher, you believe this is important and should be present in every classroom. But it is when it is carried through and applied that this becomes important. Both tutors backed up their opinions and views with actions, continually praising us and giving us helpful feedback.
I was always excited and intrigued by the new tasks each week, and was never disappointed by these.
Working online was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Before taking this course I was a bit dubious about working online, as I think it is important to develop a relationship with classmates and tutors, and by working online it can be hard to do this. However, having studied with this college before, I made an exception; relationships had already been developed. In reality, the inclusion of pair and group work made it easier than I thought to develop relationships with classmates. In doing this course, I am not so reluctant to do another online course.
Working in pairs was fun; it not only gave me a chance to share my previous knowledge, but also to hear fresh ideas and opinions from people with different teaching backgrounds. I thought the tasks where we worked in pairs were selected well, and so I enjoyed working both in pairs and alone.
I really enjoyed the chat session. I t was great to connect (almost) all of us and share our ideas and thoughts. This was a great part of the course. I just feel slightly disappointed that it was more frequent. However, I know this is difficult to arrange when there is such a big time difference and everyone is spread all over the world!
As I have said from when I was in Toronto taking the TESOL course, both tutors are amazing. With all sincerity, I am grateful to both of them for sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise with me. I hope they will continue to do this for years to come, and make it possible for more teachers, such as themselves exist (although you are both one of a kind!). I feel privileged to work with them, once again, and feel like anyone thinking of going into teaching should have the chance to work with them.
I am a different teacher today to how I was prior to both the TESOL and TEYL courses, and also how I would have been had I not had the chance to meet such inspirational tutors. Their input has helped shape me to what I am today, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Without this input, I think I would be failing my students and giving them a lot less. There is still a long way to go in my teaching career, and I don't think I will ever feel as though I have stopped learning; every day my experiences are helping to grow as a teacher and educator".
Stephanie Williams from UK - Teaching in Korea

"I enjoyed working on line. It was new for me. The chat was very stressful. I wanted to organize my thoughts properly, not forget anything, or make spelling mistakes. It was my first chat ever, and after it was done I felt very happy. I think my typing skills improved as a result of working on line too!!
I have a B.A, a Diploma, and Year III of a Social Work degree. You could say that for a while I was a professional student. Therefore, I have had my share of professors, instructors, and tutors. I have no issue with being honest about your performance as tutors. In fact, I was quite impressed with how you arranged the course, how you offered feedback and guidance, and how you encouraged us to be practical in our work". 
Deborah  from Canada - Teaching in Taiwan

"The readings were excellent! I really liked the way the modules were divided and how the readings tied in to each other. Of course I found some of the modules to be more interesting than others . Working online was something that I enjoyed tremendously. It helped me feel connected to my learning community. Working in pairs was good, although I sometimes felt a bit of confusion in the beginning with not realizing the time difference among the learners. About the tutors – It is very comforting to have two tutors looking over one's work, thus giving their own perspectives on tasks. I always felt encouraged to move on. As an adult learner, I felt that the tutors took on the role as learners in understanding and becoming a part of our culture. This helped stimulate my learning and helped me in feeling free and empowered. I appreciated the fact that the tutors included periods of reflective analysis as part of the course. This was really special!".

Ane Marie Antoine - Canada


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